What is A Sugar Detox?

Normally, when you think of a detox, you think deprivation. And for good reason. Most detoxes out there are usually low in protein, low in calories in order to give our digestion a break and let our organs re-generate. However, the point of doing a sugar detox is to break the chains of sugar. Added sugars, aside from those naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables, can be very harmful on the body over time.  Not only that but sugar has many people in its grips and reaching for it throughout the day to keep going.  It’s a double edge sword.  It tastes so good and gives you that boost of energy to get through the next activity but when it’s over, BOOM, you hit a brick wall.  You either keep snacking on it throughout the day or else unless your struggling.

Here’s why....

Blood sugar (glucose) is created when we break down carbohydrates in the body. Insulin is then released by the pancreas into the bloodstream to regulate blood sugar and transfer it into our cells. Ideally, we want to keep our blood sugar stabilized during the day; not too low and not too high. The more carbohydrate-rich foods we consume, the more insulin is needed to transport the glucose into our bloodstream and cells, which leaves the pancreas having to work harder (damaging the body over time). If this continues, our bodies become predisposed to having to produce these consistently high levels of insulin and makes weight loss increasingly more difficult.

The Purpose of A Sugar Detox

The purpose of this detox isn’t meant to deprive yourself of all your favorite foods.

It’s meant to help you realize the incredible amount of sugar that hides in so many packaged items we consume on a daily basis. Even the “healthy” items like nut butter, oatmeal, salad dressings, yogurts and bread, to protein powders and especially “fat-free” items (they replace the fat with sugar). This added-sugar detox is meant to make you more conscious of ingredient lists when buying/eating foods, help you learn alternatives for your favorite snacks, meals, especially desserts, and ultimately, this sugar detox is designed to help build long-lasting, sustainable healthy habits.

The added sugar detox will reset your taste buds and make naturally sweet tasting foods taste, well, sweet again. Your taste buds gradually adapt over time to what they’re given, and in this case, it’s sugar. The more sugar you eat, the more you need for your body to feel satisfied and kick that craving. You will become more sensitive without having to add unnecessary enhancements to foods, such as three pumps of mocha, granola bars, and cookies every day.

This explains why people who continue to eat healthy foods are able to notice when something tastes artificial, over-seasoned, too salty, etc. It’s the same reason that people who continue to eat junk foods claim that “healthy foods” are boring and taste too plain.

My Sushi Roll Bowl. The key to kicking sugar cravings is filling up on whole, real foods.

Ready to Cut Back on Sugar?

The trick to cutting back on sugar and not go crazy is to modify your favorite foods so you’re not feeling deprived and hungry. If you are eating a ton of sugar, just cut back a bit or go for the natural sources like raw cacoa, dates, fruit, etc. Pinterest is full of tasty, low sugar desserts that will really surprise you. Try some, your body will thank you!

Don’t get stressed thinking about which foods you’ll be able to have on the detox. Focus on being a little bit better with your food choices every day. Get back to the basics and eat foods that come from the earth that are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

For everything you will need to have a successful and pleasant detox, download my guide. Nothing happens by accident so without a plan, you will not do well! If you go into this not knowing not having a plan for meals and snacks, or simply attempting to “wing-it”– you’ll probably end up disappointed, feel bad and quit early. Don’t do that to yourself. Plus it’s only 7-days and you will be shocked at how good you will feel by the end!!!

You deserve to feel good and are worth it!


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